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Design Trends 2020

Design Trends 2020

Home design is a very personal thing, but there’s no escaping from trends. Just as the latest fashion styles entice us to upgrade our wardrobe each season, emerging home decor trends tempt us to revamp our homes. So, if you’re trying to figure out what to do with your home in the new year, read on to learn about five design trends that are anticipated in 2020.

Going Green

This means styling spaces with pieces made out of biodegradable materials such as wood, clay, bamboo or hemp.  More natural woodwork is set to take center stage in interior design trends due to low varnish and dye options which enhance its appeal in creating a healthy home environment. The coming year will see the marriage of home decor and environmental awareness. Bringing in greener (living walls and roofs) and more sustainable initiatives such as solar power and energy efficient everything can showcase exquisite beauty and style without the harmful consequences for nature.

Color Schemes

Although neutral tones like tans, creams, whites, soft blues and grays will always be universally accepted go-to colors used in a home’s aesthetic, we are seeing many styles and design patterns steering away from calmer colors and moving toward vibrant pops of color especially in kitchens. Using deep and rich jeweled tones creates a bold, luxe space that also inspires mindfulness and is being seen in bedrooms and bathrooms

Luxe Exterior Design and Lighting

Beautiful driveways and impressive exterior design and lighting create a wonderful impression and up curb appeal. Attractive outdoor and stylish lighting and an elegant simplicity of outdoor decor, a spacious driveway and an impressive house exterior add an expensive look and feel to homes and front yards creating a spectacular presentation.

Structured Simplicity

Evolving from the Nordic and Hygge decorating trend of 2019 which prevails into 2020, this look all about a stripped back style. The purpose is to create a calm, cozy, chilled-out space to relax in.  It’s all about making a retreat, a safe, inviting space to rest and regenerate.

Refined Glamour

It is all about less sheen, and more sophistication. Luxury materials such as pewter, marble and velvet all mix together beautifully to create fine decorative details.  Focus on having fewer but higher quality pieces in rooms.

Whatever the style and design trends prediction may be, we are excited to see how people will incorporate them into their homes or remodeling projects.